NJFPA/NJMEP Partnership

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The New Jersey Food Processors Association (NJFPA) and the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) have come together to ensure food businesses from all over New Jersey have access to vital training. NJFPA is now offering NJMEP’s Online, Self-Paced, Food Safety Training courses.

NJFPA member can…

A vital and growing aspect for success in the food and beverage industry is regulatory knowledge and compliance. Contact NJFPA to see how NJFPA and NJMEP can assist in providing higher level training and consulting for Food manufacturers. The revamp of the FDA’s food law with the passing of FSMA is a critical issue for manufacturers in regards to ensuring compliance both internally and within their entire supply chain to the applicable portions of the Act. On top of this, manufacturers must continue to maintain and continuously improve their FSQMS with respects to their secondary (customers, suppliers) and tertiary (AIB, GFSI) audit bodies’ requirements. Not to mention other Federal and Local regulations that may be applicable to each industry. All of these requirements together must be understood, programs developed, implemented successfully, and continuously reviewed by manufacturers to ensure continued compliance, success, and growth in their industry. 

NJFPA and NJMEP will continue working together to ensure all food manufacturers throughout the state of New Jersey have access to critical training and workforce upskilling opportunities. This partnership greatly expands accessibility to these five unique Online, Self-Paced Food Safety Training courses. To discover even more solutions, use the contact form at the bottom of this page today and speak with representatives from NJMEP and NJFPA.